Eric Esterle

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Eric Esterle is a wildlife photographer and freelance photographer. He is an award-winning photographer for the U.S. Federal Government. His public-domain photographs have appeared in publications such as The White House Presidential Transition Booklet, The New York Times, and various Federal Government publications and online mediums. His private work has been licensed to various customers to include Popular Photography Magazine, Conde' Nast Travel, and have graced the Nikon USA website.

Mr. Esterle's work has been published in articles for 500px, Topaz Labs, The Baltimore Sun, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Caters News, The Weather Channel, and The New York Post, won numerous National Geographic achievements, Chesapeake Bay Foundation's Award, and N-Photo Magazine. Eric is a PADI certified diver with a Nitrox specialization. Eric holds RYA2 and STCW boating licenses for expeditions. Eric is an active member of NPS and has previously worked for the Walt Disney Company as a photographer. Eric's short film "Ant[Arctic]A and Beyond" will be exhibited in the 7th Annual Explorers Club Polar Film Festival in New York City.

His still photography work can be viewed at and on Instagram @ericesterlephoto His video work can be viewed on YouTube and Vimeo.

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