Eric Esterle Photography, LLC focuses on special-use imaging to include forensic and the use of night-vision DSLR adapters, and professional aerial platforms. Eric has photographed Senate Appropriations Committee Hearings, but states he's not a News Press photographer; he's photographed foreign and domestic VIP dignitaries, but he's not an event photographer; he's photographed professional portraits, but he's not a portrait photographer; he's photographed wildlife, landscape, and professional sporting events, but he's not a wildlife photographer, nor a landscape photographer, nor a sports photographer. Eric considers himself simply a photographer guided by an inner voice urging him to create. While he's an award winning photographer, published internationally he states his true focus is creative. If there is a shot you need for print or online mediums he can get it (within ethical boundaries). If it's one-on-one instruction you require or a group workshop on photography or photo editing please contact him at for pricing.

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